Chisinau car rental offers car seat for rent

Chisinau car rental offers car seat for rent

    Children's car seat - it is a seat, which is installed in the car for carrying children. The car seat belts are intended for adults. For the transport of children from birth up to about 12 years (until the child reaches the weight of 36 kg and his height does not reach more than 1.5 meters) are used car seats for children. The main task of car seats for children is to protect the passenger in case of accident, but also in case of emergency braking or sudden maneuver. It is important that the child car seat is properly engaged in the vehicle, and the child in the seat is properly fastened.

    For this the car seats are equipped with labels that have the appropriate instructions that clearly describe the correct attachment methods. Also, car seats for children help children to travel in comfort. Children's car seats can be divided into several groups:

    Group 0 child weight - less than 10 kg. Approximate age - from birth to 6 months. Anchoring - lateral to the direction of travel.

    Weight group 0 + child - less than 13 kg. Approximate age - from birth to 1 year. Anchoring - contrary to the direction of movement of the car.

    Weight Group I of the child - 9-18 kg. Approximate age - 9 months to 4 years. Anchoring - facing the direction of movement (car seats are associated with Group 0 / I, which can also be installed facing the direction of movement).

    Weight Group II of the child - from 15 to 25 kg. Approximate age - from 3 to 7 years. Anchoring - towards the direction of movement.

    Weight for group III of the child - 22 to 36 kg Approximate age - from 6 to 12 years of anchorage - in the direction of movement. Car seats for toddlers that are currently produced can be universal, meaning they can be used for all vests due to their transformable construction.

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