Frequently asked questions regarding the rent of cars and cars

Frequently asked questions regarding the rent of cars and cars

 What are the conditions for renting a car ?

- The mandatory conditions for the possibility to rent a car in Chisinau, Moldova - are the minimum age of 23 years of driving experience of at least 3 years.

What is included in the rent payment ?

- The price specified on the car rental site includes: delivery to Chisinau, unlimited mileage, 24 hours technical assistance.

How to rent a car with an empty or full tank ?

- In most cars we offer for rent the tank is full, and when the car returns it should be at the same level. Any fluctuation from this level will be paid with a 1.2 euro / liter.

In what state is the car for rent and how long does the lease contract take ?

- The car is delivered in very good condition, clean inside and outside, with a full tank. The rental contract lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. In case the car returns we are cleaned, the tenant has to pay 120 lei for the complex car washing.

What penalties apply in the event of a delay in returning a rented vehicle ?

- If you rent a car and have not returned in time, you will be charged an additional charge of 5 euros / hour late, but in the case of delayed more than 4 hours you will be charged in advance the full payment for one day depending on the amount of the rent specified in the contract. If the customer does not return the rented vehicle within the term stipulated in the rental contract and does not contact the company for more than 6 hours, the car will be declared missing and the recipient will bear all subsequent costs and expenses. What are the costs of additional car rental services in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova? - Car seat for children 1 euro / day - Rent GPS Navigator 1 euro / day - Rent a car with driver 15 euro / day Car delivery at the airport from 08-00 to 20-00 is 5 euros and 10 euros from 20-00 to 08-00

What to do in case of loss of documents or keys from the rental car ?

- In case of loss of documents or keys from the car a minimum amount of 100 euros per unit will be charged.

How can I extend my lease ?

- If you want to extend the rental period, you must contact us by phone or email to verify the possibility of extending the vehicle and you will need to approach the office to sign a new lease and to pay the rent.

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