Rent a car, rent a car, rent a car, rent a car

Rent a car, rent a car, rent a car, rent a car

     Car rental or (car lease) is the use, lease, lease of a means of transport by the owner for a period that may vary from one hour to several days, months or even years. The car rental has been dated since in 1916 in the USA the first car for rent was Ford T. The car rental service has now become more and more popular because in the rhythm of today's life when every minute is number and time is higher than the money, more and more people are renting cars in Chisinau but all over the world.     

     Why there are no car rental offers without age limit ?

     Cars for rent are not offered anywhere in the world without the age limit. The reasons that made such prohibitions appear are obvious: according to statistical data, inexperienced young drivers create accident situations 1.5 times more often than a driver with at least 4 years of driving experience. Plus, from a psychological point of view for a young person, the situation of getting behind the wheel of a rented car is more stressful than if they were driving their own car.     

     So this is how certain rules were imposed or in order to be able to benefit from rented cars, namely the renter's age to be at least 20 years. But the world practice also requires a classification of this minimum age, namely for "economy" and "average" cars, the minimum age of 20 - 23 years and for the "business" class of at least 25 years. In this sense, we cannot speak of a world standard because the car rental service in the world is so varied, both by the car park offered for rent and by the quality of the car rental services.

     Car rental with or without mileage limit ?

     Going to a foreign city or another country is not always possible to take your own car with you, without which it is quite difficult. In this case, the car rental service that will provide you with any type of car will help you to rent it depending on your personal preferences and needs. Many car rental companies offer cars for rent but with a mileage limit, ranging from 200-400 km / day, others offering cars for rent with unlimited mileage.    

     But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this two offers? By renting a car with your mileage limit you may pay the smaller rent with a small difference, in this case being very satisfied that you have saved some money, but do not forget to pay for exceeding the offered mileage limit which can be quite considerable , plus permanent tension for you in case of failure to meet the expected route with the kilometer limit. In order not to become the prey of these advertising tricks and not to pay surcharges on the return of the rented car, look for a car rental offer with no mileage limit.    

     The contract for renting a car.

     Renting a car does not take much time, it is enough to just call a rental car company to agree on the price and place of lifting the car and sign the lease. But here we will talk in more detail, when renting a car you must be aware of the lease, because here are stipulated both the rights of both parties and their obligations, the sum of the rent paid, the sum of the pledge, some penalties in case of delay are indicated. , surrender of the car in the wrong state and so on.    

      What are the main points of a car rental agreement: the contract must clearly stipulate the parties, the make / model of the rented car, the date and time of the conclusion of the contract, its duration, the rights and obligations of the parties, the settlement of disputes that may arise between the parties and the parties' requisitions. An important point for the car rental contract is that part of the contract or the annex to it, which is dedicated to the delivery / receipt of the rented car. This will indicate the condition of the car, its features, the presence of some visual defects of the body, the windscreen, the wheels and the interior of the rented car. This is important to be carefully studied in order not to receive complaints when the leased car is returned.

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